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MusicProfessor supplements private lessons where they are unavailable, unaffordable, or both.

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For just $250/year, teachers can enroll for an 'Administrator' account, which grants access to the entire MusicProfessor library and provides a number of useful classroom tools.

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MusicProfessor provides extremely discounted rates to groups, no matter how large or small, with full, 24/7 access to the MP library.

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For just $3/month, students have access to an entire instrument's library as well as MusicProfessor auxiliary courses on Music Theory and Conducting.

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MusicProfessor provides a number of tools for teachers, including the ability to enroll students, send assignments, and monitor classroom activity.

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The MusicProfessor library is being constantly updated, and we consider all customer recommendations and reviews for new material and material revisions.

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Decided to pick up the trombone again after 10 years of it collecting dust. Really appreciate the lesson in helping me relearn the mouth's position on the mouthpiece.
With cuts to arts ed, it's great to find a resource that's easy to access and can help fill the void. Great idea and solid product.
The videos are great. Really get a lot out of them. We are excited about the opportunity to integrate these videos into our monthly/weekly/daily curriculum.